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Making a great home is a multidimensional concept that does not only involve a choice of furniture, floors and colors, but also the type of windows to be used for your house. Windows are a very important home factor to consider if you are to get an awesome experience from the functionality and image of your esteemed house. They are used to serve different functions and therefore, you need to make the right choice that will provide rewarding experiences ultimately. Therefore, it is important to take time and consult on what would be the best match for your house.

Window functionality and ventilation


Windows serve different purposes based on where they are located in a house. Therefore, it is important to consider the interior of the house before choosing what type of window to use. A bathroom would definitely need one that can allow light inside while at the same time preventing view from the exterior. On the contrary, an upper room can have large ones without obstructed view from the outside. It will be very useful to have unfixed, big ones for your kitchen especially those that slide. We have Heritage, Classic Collection, Heritage Maximum and Heritage Plus to meet your needs for whatever choice you may need for different rooms. Selection is also dictated by the ventilation required in a particular room. Use slim fixed windows for a room with uninteresting views as it may not require much ventilation. This option maximizes the viewing area of the glass. For high ventilation needs, we have different styles such as bay, awning, casement, bow, sliding and hung options for you. We offer variety to make sure we meet different ventilation needs. Decide on the amount light you need in a room and establish the sun’s orientation. A lot of sun can be a bother in certain rooms especially in some situations that may make difficult such things as television watching. Avoid a scenario where you will be required to heat up your room and air-condition it during hot weather. You can carefully choose the best windows bearing in mind that function is of equal importance and may be the better option than style.

Window Oakville Personalization and customized design twists


Your window should form a personalized architectural style. Be unique in your choice of style making sure that it is a perfect match for your own house. Modern homes have various designs and you can get the best option from our Classic Collection of Heritage Maximum, Heritage Plus or even Heritage offers. From our collections, you can easily customize the available offers to come up with your own design. You can add twists to the options of you so desire for your house. Most importantly, you can choose details of accents, border colors and the like. This is important for adding the last beauty touch. We offer extensive options of finish that are specifically suited for the kind of design you want and for your house as well.


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