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windows-and-doorsThis is the most trending topic in the home industry today – a choice between vinyl windows and wood windows. Which one will you pick? It is obvious that this has been quite a big debate among many Canadians and well-informed individuals are making the right choices. These are the most common used replacements and it is no doubt that there is a great competition between the two options right now. So which one is the perfect solution? What are people saying about the two and what are the reasons? Well, with a weight of roughly between 20 to 30 pounds for each average size, the wood window comes with a lot of desirable qualities. All the same, there is a very close relationship between them. You will know every corner in the frame during cleaning but here is the catch – think about the angles, designs and corners especially during sanding, scrapping and repainting. It is no doubt that clad options will definitely require your attention. You need a strict schedule of inspecting the cladding and trimming off any cracks that could allow water to permeate to the wood frame. You definitely want to avoid wetness or any moisture on the wood frame because it can become problematic. Such a warped frame due to moisture is flaw that will render the wood window less superior to other options.


Looking For the Superior Windows Option

jeld wenHow about a sleek vinyl replacement window of an average size weighing between 8 to 12 pounds? Well, this option is easily customized to meet your specifications. It is built to match your tastes and preferences. There are several color options for your choice and it is definitely the kind of replacement option you need. It is a robust window that speaks for itself. There are is nothing to worry about especially when it comes to its maintenance. This replacement choice does not have wood components. The issue of warping due to moisture permeating through its structure is a not related to this case. Energy efficiency is synonymous with its qualities. It is designed to keep your home interior temperatures stable throughout. Therefore, it is an efficient and reliable sleek option will never disappoint. This replacement vinyl window from Statements Windows and Doors is what you need. We have the best warranties ever and therefore, you have nothing to worry about.


 Quality Windows Choice for Your Home

Ideally, High-End Wood Windows have a conventional look and flair. However, there is more quality that is needed for your home than meets the eye. Replacement vinyl windows offered by Statements Windows and Doors are an incredible option for serious buyers. First, they are affordable, very cost-effective to maintain and highly efficient in terms of energy requirements for your home.  These are very important aspects that will save you a lot of your time, money and stress. Therefore, choose your best partner. We are highly recommended for replacement vinyl window deals, their installation and service.




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