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Every property owner whether it’s a home or commercial has preferences regarding aesthetic and practical issues that apply to windows and doors. Perhaps the most practical manufactured windows are those with aluminum frames, but which are primarily used in high-rise apartment buildings, or in commercial properties. However, various cost factors can have a significant influence on the types selected by a customer, especially in relation to their home. This is why Statements take time with a customer to determine their exact requirements and budget.

Wooden framed  material have a distinct, warm and sometimes imposing appeal, depending on the design and property involved. They have a natural appearance that blends with most surroundings, but, they can also be a heavy maintenance item! Generally a good quality wooden window or door will carry a higher cost and then there is the periodic painting, or varnishing, especially if exposed directly to the weather. A further consideration is that over time, wood will not have the resilience, when compared to those produced in a synthetic material.

Material options for your windows and doors

A comparable option is the fiberglass windows, manufactured of glass-reinforced plastic, proven to possess a high degree of durability. However, because of their relatively new entrance onto the market, this type carries a high cost, similar to that of wooden windows.

So, you may ask, what is one of the most cost effective and popular choices related to replacement windows? A leading material in this market segment is vinyl , which boast the fact of being energy efficient, durable and economic. It’s a product that has mass appeal and is available in a wide variety of colors and sizes, with the option of a customized design. One potentially negative aspect of this product is that some  are manufactured with bulky frames for the purpose of increasing  strength.

Getting the answer in selecting your windows and doors

Compensating for this perceived setback, is the fact of there being vinyl windows available with a smaller frame profile, but still retaining a structural rigidity. It is essential that an installer is selected from an established and reputable company, to ensure a correct installation. This material offers cost-effectiveness with energy efficiency and boasts an impressive track record for durability.

It can be seen from the Internet there is a wide selection of brand names available, related to windows replacement and doors. Before confusion sets in, a brand identity is not the complete picture when it comes to choosing the right fit for your home. Even within a particular brand list of products, there are lines of varied quality and price.

Therefore, your preferred option is to enlist the help of a professional who is aware and knowledgeable about multiple brand specifications. At Statements Window Oakville our experienced and highly trained technicians will compare the differences of the available brands and guide you towards the type that fully meets your needs, budget and performance quality.


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