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When we invest in a home, there are some inherent responsibilities that go with the ownership and like it or not, it involves increasing your investment in your greatest asset.  Now, in many respects the extent of this investment is largely dependent on you, the owner, and the degree to which you have maintained the condition of your home. However, the time does arrive when a decision needs to be made about changing or replacing windows and doors.


There are various reasons for going this route, such as they no longer provide the comfort, security, and appearance you desire. Alternatively, you could be a property speculator, or bought a house at bargain price to renovate. However, the usual incentives for remodelling or upgrading are to increase the value of your home and its comfort zone, or for resale!


Windows Fixtures and fittings


At Statements , we have by way of our qualified experience and dedication to customers needs, learned that the influence of new doors and windows should not be neglected. In this modern era, the majority of homeowners are confronted not only with security, but also with energy costs and ensuring they receive the best possible product value and service for their money.


Natural progression in most industries has provided many advantages and benefits in the home industry and its environment, which is seen in the materials, design, appearance, protection, and durability of the fixtures and fittings. Window frames for instance are strengthened for extra security, with a glazing on the window or door, manufactured to prevent exterior removal and frustrate potential intruders.  This is a significant difference to the older styled windows and doors.


Property maintenance can be a costly experience and is a particular disadvantage when the window and door fixtures in a home have seen better days! The impact of weather conditions and normal wear and tear causes them to lose their original appeal and protective elements. Weaknesses appear in the finishes and the actual materials and so do the cold drafts inside the home.


Value for money when purchasing your doors


In the sometimes volatile economies of today, most homeowners and buyers are seeking the best value for their investment. This can apply to existing or new homebuyers and those who are upgrading or downsizing their lifestyles. Unless it is a property speculator, the last thing a usual homebuyer needs is to be confronted with the prospect of replacing, or upgrading windows and doors! They either walk away from a potential deal or place an offer that is unrealistic to the true market value of the property.


Your home and the value associated with it, is an asset and provision for your future and possibly that of your family. At Statements Window Oakville , we take into account various aspects of your investment and how you can gain maximum value from it. New and enhancing fixtures and fittings not only increase the comfort and financial benefits of a homeowner, bur also the confidence and perceived value of buyers!




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