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  • Windsor Windows and Doors

    Windsor Windows and Doors

    Windsor Windows & Doors began in 1946. Since that time, Windsor's strong work ethic and pride in craftsmanship have guided them in building a business totally centered on the things that matter most to their customers, Quality, Product Selection and Value. Windsor offers a quality product selection in all wood or aluminum clad.
  • Lepage Windows and Doors

    Lepage Windows and Doors

    Lepage Millwork has been producing high quality windows and doors for over 50 years. Specialized in producing wood, aluminum clad windows and doors. All products are exquisitely crafted of top quality materials; timeless designs and crisp profiles that will complement your project.
  • Ostaco Windows and Doors

    Ostaco Windows and Doors

    Since 1981, Ostaco's has exceled in manufacturing vinyl windows & doors of unparalleled quality. Ostaco has always prided itself for being a benchmark in the Canadian window & door industry, providing high quality, innovative products. All Ostaco windows are custom and manufactured to your personal specifications.


Thinking about new windows and doors for your home

When we invest in a home, there are some inherent responsibilities that go with the ownership and like it or not, it involves increasing your investment in your greatest asset.  Now, in many respects the extent of this investment is largely dependent on you, the owner, and the degree to which you have maintained the condition of your home. However, the time does arrive when a decision needs to be made about changing or replacing windows and doors.   There are various reasons for going...

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About choices in windows and doors

Every property owner whether it’s a home or commercial has preferences regarding aesthetic and practical issues that apply to windows and doors. Perhaps the most practical manufactured windows are those with aluminum frames, but which are primarily used in high-rise apartment buildings, or in commercial properties. However, various cost factors can have a significant influence on the types selected by a customer, especially in relation to their home. This is why Statements take time with a...

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The Impression Created By Your Front Door

Your entrance says a lot about you! This is the first thing that people get to see as they approach your home. People will never say, but your front door creates different impressions for them. They could form images in their minds based on the color you have chosen for your entrance, its size and the like. The entrance could be saying a lot about yourself than you have ever thought about. Particularly on colors, people usually have their own understanding of the colors used and they may use...

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The Choice between Vinyl Windows and Wood Windows

This is the most trending topic in the home industry today – a choice between vinyl windows and wood windows. Which one will you pick? It is obvious that this has been quite a big debate among many Canadians and well-informed individuals are making the right choices. These are the most common used replacements and it is no doubt that there is a great competition between the two options right now. So which one is the perfect solution? What are people saying about the two and what are the...

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Choosing the right windows for your home

Making a great home is a multidimensional concept that does not only involve a choice of furniture, floors and colors, but also the type of windows to be used for your house. Windows are a very important home factor to consider if you are to get an awesome experience from the functionality and image of your esteemed house. They are used to serve different functions and therefore, you need to make the right choice that will provide rewarding experiences ultimately. Therefore, it is important to...

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