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  • Windsor Windows and Doors

    Windsor Windows and Doors

    Windsor Windows & Doors began in 1946. Since that time, Windsor's strong work ethic and pride in craftsmanship have guided them in building a business totally centered on the things that matter most to their customers, Quality, Product Selection and Value. Windsor offers a quality product selection in all wood or aluminum clad.
  • Lepage Windows and Doors

    Lepage Windows and Doors

    Lepage Millwork has been producing high quality windows and doors for over 50 years. Specialized in producing wood, aluminum clad windows and doors. All products are exquisitely crafted of top quality materials; timeless designs and crisp profiles that will complement your project.
  • Ostaco Windows and Doors

    Ostaco Windows and Doors

    Since 1981, Ostaco's has exceled in manufacturing vinyl windows & doors of unparalleled quality. Ostaco has always prided itself for being a benchmark in the Canadian window & door industry, providing high quality, innovative products. All Ostaco windows are custom and manufactured to your personal specifications.


windsor windowsWindows are an integral and crucial asset to any type of building; whether a home, office or a commercial and industrial block. For a homeowner, clean and professionally installed windows, although generally not noticed, has attention drawn to them by any inherent faults. Gleaming picture windows have the capacity of enhancing your home and for new structures; their design is a critical aspect for any architect and specialist window installer.

Window installation professionals, such as Statements windows and doors in Markham, are dedicated to providing a complete service to customers, regarding appearance, with quality products and cost effectiveness. We also take into consideration that excellent workmanship in fitting and installing windows can help in the reduction of energy costs, but primarily, contributes towards the comfort and overall value of a property. New windows not only look great, but have the effect of reducing irritating drafts that always seem to find a human target. In addition, they are easier to clean and maintain in comparison to older windows, such as those combined with storm screens.

As with any new product installation related to a property, it is a significant decision for a property owner. Therefore, it could be considered as essential that some research is conducted beforehand, related to what is available on the market and provides the best value for your money!  However, keep in mind that with a window installation, quality and workmanship play a critical role in your long-term investment.  The cost of some brands of windows, although possibly cheaper, could also be of a lesser quality than others and also, is the difference in cost being compensated for, by cheap labor for the installation?

Consult the Window Professionals

door2Proven reputations for quality products and good workmanship are today an important factor for any consumer of any product or service. If you are considering additions to probably your greatest investment, which is your home, it is, therefore, worth some time and energy, comparing various window products and their suppliers. Established businesses like Statements in Markham become recognized providers in a particular field because of proven quality in products and workmanship. We offer you the services of skilled, experienced designers and artisans, who are able to assist and advise you regarding what is best for your particular needs.

There are various circumstances and considerations that must be made known to you. Included are the influences of weather and other environmental conditions, such as wind, driving rain or snow, heat and severe fluctuating temperatures. A windows installation is an important investment in your home and the more you know about how it can affect your property and those who live or work inside it, the better!

At Statements in Markham, we depend on our reputation and the goodwill of our customers. Accordingly, it’s worth keeping in mind that even the best available quality windows will not provide a satisfactory appearance or the associated interior comfort you demand if the installation is not efficient and professional. Therefore, visit us and determine how trained and certified installers for specific product types, can make all the difference, to protecting your valuable investment and home comfort!





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